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We’re introducing this song in elevate this weekend and I’m super excited.  I hope it’s a blessing to you today!

So simple and yet so powerful.  This song from Matt Redman has always hit me.

This is a gifted response Father we cannot come to You by our own merit.  We will come in the Name of Your Son as he glorifies You and in the power of Your Spirit.

It’s an amazing truth that just merely being able to approach God in worship is such a fantastic privilege and gift.  I pray this song blesses you today.

Yea yea…I know, everyone knows “With Everything.”  Been there, done that.

I promise if you haven’t seen the version that Hillsong did at their conference in 2010 you’ll be blessed.  This is such a great example of worship being much more than a song.  The visuals, the scripture, the lighting, the drum line…there are so many great elements that make for a powerful encounter with God.

What songs are inspiring you?

There’s just no one out there doing music like Gungor and this video is a great example of them doing what they do best.  The classical guitar playing is awesome and the cellist that beatboxes is great.  Watching this video also shows that you can do great worship without the typical church setup of guitar, bass, keys, and drums.

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Every Thursday I’ll be posting a song that has had a particular impact on my worship leading.

Released in 2004 this song was one of the first worship songs that I heard that had a kind of passion that I wasn’t used to in worship.  The energy of the team, the drive of the music gave me a goal to aim my worship leadership.  This song also introduced me to Henry Seeley, a phenomenal worship leader and songwriter.  I hope it’s a blessing to you today!