Inspiring Worship – Matt Redman – Gifted Response

May 10, 2012

So simple and yet so powerful.  This song from Matt Redman has always hit me.

This is a gifted response Father we cannot come to You by our own merit.  We will come in the Name of Your Son as he glorifies You and in the power of Your Spirit.

It’s an amazing truth that just merely being able to approach God in worship is such a fantastic privilege and gift.  I pray this song blesses you today.


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2 responses to Inspiring Worship – Matt Redman – Gifted Response

  1. Wonderful song and performance ..just seems irinoc that they are talking about going back to the basics and the mic set up he is using alone costs a thousand or more bucks not to mention the thousands and thousands for the big stage production, lights equipment ..Oh yes .don’t forget about the Thousands and thousands of bucks they made off this recording .just is a bit strange to me.

    • I like the song and the fact that you are choosing songs that are truly priase and worship songs rather then songs about God that would be geared more for entertainment. I feel it’s very important when chossing a song to play in church that is never meant for entertainment but rather for Praise and Worship because I feel that is what we are called to do. Praise and Worship God and to bring the congregation into the Praise and Worship with us. Nice song choice!