iPad apps for the Worship Leader

March 7, 2012

::January 2013 Update::

So I’ve been getting a lot of responses to this post and have much appreciated your feedback!  I’ll be working up some reviews for newer worship apps soon.  In the meantime, check out our new podcast and worship resource. There are a handful of new and useful apps out for worship leaders but the more I look the more I see that there’s room for great worship-centered apps to be developed.  I’d love to hear from you if you’re working on something!


If you don’t have an iPad yet as a worship leader now is the time!  I’ve found myself using it as my go to device in so many situations and there are a bunch of apps that help me as a worship leader do my job better.  Here are my top 4:

Planning Center Music Stand

Planning Center is the hub for our worship ministry and their music stand app is top notch.  You’ll have the charts and sheet music for everything that’s in your library at your fingertips and the ability to make notes right in the app.  As more and more of your team members get iPads the value of having Planning Center’s Music Stand app will only go up.

ProPresenter Remote

First off, if you’re not using ProPresenter for your services you need to go do that right now.  You won’t find a better software for your worship services.  Their remote app allows you to control ProPresenter from your iPad or iPhone…this is huge!  We’ve had weeks where our tech has taken his iPad out in the congregation and participated in the service all while keeping up with the lyrics from his iPad.  If you’ve got a smaller worship team you can easily have one of your vocalists control the house lyrics from the stage.

Gibson StudioShare

Ok…this is an iPhone app but I’ve found it to be a perfect tuner, metronome, and guitar chord finder.  There are a bunch of apps that cost money and do the same thing but, honestly, I’ve found Gibson’s app to have just what I need and you can’t beat it for free.  Every guitarist needs a tuner and a metronome on their iPhone and iPad.  I’ve talked about the importance of practicing with a metronome before and having an app like this at your fingertips is a huge plus.


Youversion is easily the most robust and feature rich Bible app available.  Having a Bible right on your iPad and iPhone is a no brainer.  Highlighting, note taking, easy sharing…they even have the entire NIV audio Bible packed in the app so you can listen to the Bible while you’re in the car or at the gym.



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