We had a great time in Elevate this week!  The crowd was engaged and the team was on point.  The middle song was “It is You” which is another original.  Thank you for the feedback!

We closed out the prophecy conference this morning.  As always, there was a great group of people singing out to the King.

We began the service with Crowder’s (or is it The Digital Age?) After all (Holy) and went in to “Power of Your Love” and “Higher” by Worth Dying For.  We closed the set with one of our originals “Have Your Way.”

So many hands held high and voices shouting out!  Here are the songs from the set:

We had an awesome time of worship this week!

The last song was “Have your way” which was an original.  We’ll be working on a recording soon, thanks for all the interest!

Here’s the set from this weekend: